Ven’s AMA

Ven, how often do you MOC with system pieces? Are you good at it?

If you were only able to buy one $15 BIONICLE 2015 winter set, which one would it be and why?

If you were only able to by one G1 set under 20$, what would it be and why?

I just don't like it. XD And yeah, I took pictures of my old 2003 MOCs, so I can say for sure I remember what they looked like. =P

@Chronicler Not often. I want to get back into it though, but there's so many different elements and stuff, I just don't know where to start. And I suck at MOCing with system.

@Oniwah Gali, she's the most appealing $15 set IMO. And she's currently half-off on clearance at Target, so I'd be saving money.

@Rockho Tahu because he's my favorite character and his G1 iteration is be the best.


And probably last question for long:
Can you post a topic with your mocs from that time [ '03 ] please ^·^

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Care to reveal any of them? :stuck_out_tongue:

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How's school? What do you plan to do as a career?

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I'll see if I can get one up soon. =P

@noob1234 Sure. The TTV Theme is called "Hard Cotton".

@Rockho School's okay. Slowly working my way through community college. I'm hoping to do illustration and create concept art for various forms of media, such as video games, movies, and even toy companies like LEGO.

Sorry for the delayed answers, Spring Break hit hard this year and I've had a very busy week. XD That seems to be about enough for this AMA, thanks guys, and I'll see you all next time.


Well, with the end of the year coming up, I figured I might as well open this up again just in case anybody has any more questions to ask me before we embark on the new journey that is 2016.

Fire away!

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Did you compose the Don’t Fight music for the intro?

Yep. Nowadays, we hardly ever use music in our videos that we can’t come up with ourselves.

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What do you think of letting new, talented people into the crew?

I think it’s awesome. Video editing isn’t really something that everybody at TTV can handle, especially since only a few of us actually have computers that can fulfill that task efficiently. With how filled up our schedules are, and our resources so limited, we definitely needed the extra help with video editing. The guys we got are great for filling that role.

And I’m personally really excited to see what we do with prpldragon on the design team. Honestly, she could probably teach me a good bit of things, since I’m actually pursuing Digital Illustration/Visual Development as a highly possible career. (Only reason why I haven’t posted much art here is because I have yet to finish a piece and claim that I’m proud of it =P) I mean, as she demonstrated for us at TTV, not only is she good at what she does, but she is friggin’ quick. Heck, she can probably whip up some huge, detailed masterpiece before you can finish reading two pages out of a textbook. And that masterpiece would hit so many right notes in illustration- perspective, color theory, lighting, shading, etc etc. It’s that kind of skill I want to refine and perfect for myself, so I’m really happy to be in easy contact with her.


Dear @Venom, Who is your favorite Ninja Turtle?

Used to be Raphael, but now I think I’m more of a Leonardo kind of guy.


What is your favorite BIONICLE 2015 set?

I honestly have not decided yet. I will say though, I love all the Toa fairly equally, but it’s hard to say which one really grabs me the most.

Good man. Who’s your favorite Transformer?