Ven’s AMA

what’s your favorite transformers series?

I don’t have a particular favorite Transformer in general, but my favorite autobot has and probably always will be Grimlock. Favorite decepticon is Soundwave, Shockwave is at a close second.

My favorite TF series is Animated. G1 comes really close because I grew up watching it on VHS and eventually almost all of it online, but Animated impressed me hardcore. Prime is pretty up there too.


Have you seen The Force Awakens? If so, how does Kylo Ven sound? :stuck_out_tongue: Who’s your favorite Star Wars character? Mine has to be Yoda!


I saw it Thursday night, and I loved it. Also, sounds okay even though I hate Kylo Ren. =P My favorite character is Han Solo, Darth Vader coming at a close second.


In a good way or a negative way?

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What’s your faveorite anime? Mine’s One Piece.

In a good way. He’s a great character. Also, I don’t watch anime. But I’ve gotten into One Punch Man recently.


Ah, good. That was what I was hoping for. (He’s been one of my favorite Star Wars villains ever since I watched the film.)


Well, look what boredom can create! :stuck_out_tongue:
If you’d like. I can make an alternate picture with Han!

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I’ve noticed in a lot of your MOC spotlights that you seem to look at dinosaur MOCs. Do you have any particular interest in dinosaurs or prehistory?


Did you have a good Christmas?
Or, if you don’t celebrate that event, how was your 25th of December?

@TyrannoNoddy Yup. I used to be really big on dinosaurs as a kid, so I carry a lot of knowledge of what I learned back then, and I still have a place in my heart for dinosaurs.

@EvilLobsterKing I had an awesome Christmas! For the first time in like ever, I actually managed to spend time with all of my family in the state. That said, I’ve also been really exhausted. xD


That’s really good to here!

Well, it’s better than some types of exhaustion…

How does it feel to have such the 3rd biggest AMA, yet be so small in comparison to the biggest AMA?

If the character of Venom never existed, what would you call yourself at TTV?

Who has the biggest AMA on the board?
Do you like Skyrim?
Does it upset you that I have not looked through all the post to see wither or not you have been asked these questions yet?

@Wandering_Wind_Waffle Oh, wow. I did not know that. Meh.

And I don’t know, I’d probably be stuck with one of my old usernames from BZP, like Avohkii Dragon. Or probably Spider-man. =P

@GIF.Man.Ben I don’t know, I don’t check that, lol.
I love Skyrim. Though I’ve played it a ton, I still haven’t done everything in that game to this day. But I’ve been returning to that game every so often and I never get sick of it.
And nah, I probably wouldn’t know either. I haven’t checked up on this topic in a while. =P


Do you believe theirs a reason for life.
Do you like snow.
Should i make my new self MOC a Chinese dragon?

Y Duz LJ suk? :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s your favorite part of being on TTV?

Does a keetorange, black, and lime green color scheme sound appealing?

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Do you believe that it’s pizza?

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No it’s taco Tuesday.