So a while back I uploaded something called W.I.P. Toa Moc. This is the NEARLY completed version (I say nearly because the blue pins and light grey T bars need to be replaced with black ones). He is supposed to be the leader of a Toa team and has a cool staff-pike thing with the same function as Tahu 2016’s weapons. The cape is custom if you are wondering.

He also has a cool hood.

Some dramatic poses:

This is what he used to look like:

I have almost mastered lights:

Hope you enjoyed! :slight_smile:


Looking nice! a bit blocky, but pretty cool.

I like how bulky and visually complex.

Not enough orange, and a bit blocky, but good.

The orange is only supposed to be a VERY slight accent.

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This is pretty cool although it is a bit blocky like other people have mentioned.
I also love how you took the design of Tahu’s 2016 swords and changed it up :grinning:

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For an orange accent, that orange Ruru sticks out a lot.

This looks really neat! I would reccomend making the legs longer or the arms shorter because as it stands now the proportions look a bit awkward, he has inika proporioned arms and short legs, which comes off a bit odd. Other than that this is a neat little moc.

The MOCs design looks great, but it could use some more orange.

a really good moc , but i kinda feel like you need to move the head up a bit

While this is a wonderful MOC, there s not enough orange. In fact, the pictures where his mask is off are my favorites, because his bare head fits so much better with the overall build. I’d suggest you use Makuta Teridax’s mask… but that’d be 2mainstrem4u, huh…

It’s Darth Neparu!

Great build, good job :slight_smile:

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