Venom 2 (SPOILERS)

Yes! We need this!

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Very sure.

But if it’s R, hardly anybody could watch it. Only the older people.
I mean the higher end of the teens.

I could see the income being similar to that of Deadpool.

Though people may hate the original, Carnage.

I’ll see it no matter what, because my love of Symbiotes overpowers my hesitation for violence. And I’ll be a legal adult by then.


Let’s be honest, it will not be the case.

By the time Venom 2 comes out?

I mean, if it was rated R, I could see it getting much of the same feedback that Deadpool got.
If they want a movie that earns more money, sire! Go R. But if they want a similar amount of money, maybe just a little less, and if they want to appeal to the majority of the teens out there…
Go PG-13.

Why would you want to get less money?

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If you think about it, though, aiming lower to please more people could end up to you hitting high.
If you expect a certain amount of money from a lot of people, you might get more than that amount.

Sony has two choices:

  1. Appease all the fans of Carnage (besides a select few, like me) by giving him the murderous hunger he has in the comics, or

  2. Make more money and have the possibility of MCU-ing everything with PG-13.

I would rather the lower rating, but I doubt that’ll be what we get, seeing hw violent Venom was and how much more Carnage is.

Next thing you know, Scream will be revealed as the main villain, saving Carnage for 3

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I agree with @meepinater. Seeing how bad reviews the first Venom got, making it R would not make things any better. Also making it PG 13 can make a movie appeal to a larger audience, this way getting more money. I usually don’t risk watching an R rated movie unless it’s guaranteed to make me love it.


I mean, I wouldn’t be opposed, cause I loved Andrew as Spidey, I just wouldn’t sacrifice Tom for him to come back.

It wouldn’t really be a sacrifice, excepting the case in which Venom in in the MCU.

I can’t agree more! I loved venom I thought it was hilarious and a lot for fun. However I think it should have gone a little goreier and trued to get an R rating but I can’t complain too much because if it had I wouldn’t have been able to see it seeing as I was 14 at the time. Any way I’m pumped for the sequel! And who knows?, with carnage as the villain maybe it’ll get an R rating

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To be honest, the original Venom is one of my favorite movies of all time upon seeing it. I can’t wait for the second one. Wish they did more like this in Marvel.


The first one had god awful dialogue and sucked horribly
“You are a loser Eddie”
“I am also a loser like you Eddie!”

I really hope this sequel crashes and burns

your mean

I really hope not. If the first one was bad, I’d hope you’d want the second one to be good.

Really, the only reason you should hope it’s bad is if you’re upset with the direction. For instance, if it was rated R, that could be a reason, or if you really, really, really want Venom in the MCU (which may happen, I don’t know, more likely if this movie is good or bad), like me, or some other reason that doesn’t involve trashing on the first one.

Actually, no. The Venom franchise its part of its own universe that, as of now, will contain Morbius, Silk and Spiderman.

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People are saying stuff like bad reviews and this one hopefully not being R

1; critics are an absolute joke now. Just look at the recently released joker movie or any other movie clearly showing the huge disconnect between audience and critic scores.
2; I actually wouldn’t mind pg13. The first movie did really well with implying but not showing graphic violence. No ones asking for a full saw violence anyway so I have faith in the sequel.