Coming sometime this summer, it’s a spider-verse-like event with one of Spidey’s greatest foes: Venom.

I’m personally excited, especially seeing She-Venom in there again. This has a TON of potential to be good.


Seems edgy.

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What characters are the front two venom based on?

So…it’s basically every Marvel character being possessed by the Venom symbiote?

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Not sure about the one to the left(Might be Ultimate Comics) but the one to the right appears to be based on a 90’s comic story. Planet of the Symbiotes if I recall correctly.

As for the event itself, I personally loved Spider-Verse, and making another one based on venom just sounds pretty awesome.

Let’s hope that they don’t screw this up.

Lots of goo…

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I dunno exactly. There might be some marvel characters possessed by Venoms but it also shows other versions of Venom too.

I hope Carnage is in this.

Ironvenom looks extatic about this series.

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I think Ven’s missing from the cover…

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@Ven needs to see this.

@Ven you have a universe named after you cool!
and all i get is a hardware store


IIRC didn’t they make something similar before with almost everyone getting infected with symbiotes?

I think there was a story about that yeah.

Except I think this is about alternate universe versions of Venom.


So either they haven’t released an exact date, or Cronk is just lazy.

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From what I got from Marvel’s facebook page, it comes out sometimes in June, but knowing Marvel they’ll push the release date back.

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The “edge” in the title is just asking the whole boards to make endless jokes.


Yes it is.


Not really invested in Spider Man or Marvel comics, but I might check this out just because Venom.

You wouldn’t believe how many things I’ve found with my name.

Anyway, this looks pretty cool.