Ven's Custom Painted Mask Shop

read, sir.


Just wanted to say thanks again for the work you did on my MoC: I love it, and it looks fantastic on the Artakha moc still. Thank you so much @Ven!


Are you going to be going to any future Brickfairs in VA?

Alright, I think I've had a long enough break.

The mask shop is now officially reopened!

@Kirathel I plan to attend Brickfair VA in 2019, but not 100% confirmed yet.
@StarBreaker You're welcome! I'm glad it worked out for you!

Let's keep painting!


Would you be able to do a woodgrain effect on one of the 2001 masks?

Edit; Could have worded that better, I just wanted if that's something can be done before officially requesting anything.

I’ll look into it, haven’t tried before but hey, I’m always down for something new! (Almost always)


a small question (hope i didnt overlook any obvious answers): what are the limitations if the parts are provided by the buyer? like for example if someone wanted certain armor types (hagah or hordika for example) would that be possible? would 3d printed masks be possible?

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Honestly, it depends. You could just request the part and I will let you know if I can or can’t do it. 3D printed masks are fine, though.


Just added a few more masks to the list that were previously unavailable, check now to see if I now have a mask you wanted!

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I might get a Metru Blue Huna Hordika down the line once I start recollecting Bionicle for MOC’s. I wanted to make a MOC of one of my Bionicle OC’s whose a Hordika mutated Toa of Water whose mutation had been completed.

Hmm, considering getting a maroon 2015 Hau, then again I could probably paint one myself

Hi, would you be able to make a Black Avohkii? Simple black or metallic black would work perfectly. Also a metru green volitak and a pearl gold Miru ?

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Yeah, I can do all of that! Is the actual gold Miru not the right shade you were looking for? I could just sell you one of those without having to paint one.

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Sadly no, I have a 2001 Gold Miru, and it is closer to copper than the gold tone I’m looking for (which is more like 2006-2009 gold), so I believe I might need it painted. I would also like to add a blue (either metru or mata) huna to the order, if its possible. Thank you!

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Got it, and I can do the blue huna. Great or noble?

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Great please, and I’ve decided on metru blue. Thank you!

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Sounds good! Let’s continue discussing this in PM.

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First post has been updated! Check to see if your favorite masks are available! If not, place your orders anyway and I can look into making a bricklink order for it.

Thank you guys for continuing to make your requests!


Alright everyone, I’m shutting this down… In a week.

I’ve decided to start selling some parts from my collection to lighten up the load, including my loose mask collection. If you wish to place any last paint requests, feel free to do so until May 18. After that time, I will no longer be taking requests.

If you want a mask that is not available from the list, let me know and I’ll consider ordering it from bricklink. Because it wouldn’t be available, I may place an upcharge on the request.

Thank you to everyone who placed requests already! You guys have kept me consistently busy through the various paintjobs I’ve done, and they have all been very satisfying to work on.

EDIT: Shop is now closed indefinitely. Thank you again, peeps! See you all on ebay.