Ventus, Toa of Air

This is the very first MOC I have made, so any feedback would be appreciated. I took apart a couple of my old HF and Bionicle sets and made something of my own.

This is Toa Ventus, Toa of Air. He comes from Metru Nui, and was taught by Dume and later Artahka. He worked with Lhikan and the Mangai for a long while, but they split apart when Nhidiki joined the team, and the two did not get along. He joined the order of Mata Nui and began working with Krakua. His most notable mission was the infiltration of a Makuta base on Voya Nui, in which he and Krakua captured 8 makuta. He currently lives on Spherus Magna.


gold and green, I like it

Looks pretty cool, it'd be much appreciated if there were more pictures; as his shield covers up his body.

Welcome to the boards, @Toa_Jesus
Dat name tho


he seems like a simple inika build. Back story seems... self insert. Is he OP compared to, say, Teridax or maybe the Toa Ignika?


the colours are superb mang and it looks good for a first moc but you should put up more pictures

Now that i can see him better, i think the limbs should be beefier to match the body.
also the body is really cool

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The colours work together really well. I also like the wings


Noice. More pics would be nice though.

The colors are good but the weapon could use work. Maybe it could have a pommel or rod on the other side to balance things out.

I just put up some more pictures. I was having problems putting them up at first, but I've got some more.

@LurkingEhlek I made it the way I did so the other side could be a hammer. Does that work out, or should I change it a little?

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First, don't double-post. Read the rules.

Second, the torso and wings look great, but the legs are way to short and spindly to work with that giant torso. The arms should not reach below the knees. The two small CCBS armor pieces on the sides of his torso look weird, you should rotate or remove them. Definitely beef up the limbs, and this will look awesome.

Torsos fine I guess
Albiet a bit gappy

my main problem are the arms and legs.
Too small