Verona, High Commander

Her name is Verona, High Commander of her small army.

While I do not want to spoil alot of her backstory due to my long running stop motion series being in the works, i can say that she didn’t chose nor want to lead her army. This position was left to her by her brother who mysteriously disappeared. Though she despises the position of leader, she does so with pride.

Verona is very quick and agile in battle. She has also perfected the use of her dual wrist-blades and can execute fast precise strikes.

Because she lacks any kind of elemental powers, Verona has had to rely solely on her physical strength to fight.

Alot of firsts for me lately, Verona is my first attempt at a female MOC and has gone through an Ungodly amount of changes. I was so mad at my myself for the longest time because I could not for the life of me get her the way I wanted. But then I was finally able to come up with this version and my anger was put aside as she was, at last, finished.

So what do you guys think? Maybe drop a like? who knows. Feedback and critique please… Reaaadyyyy GO!


Neat a Vortixx
i have just finished making one

Vortix? sorry im a tad new to that term

He likely meant Vortixx, which is a species in the G1 bionicle universe. It’s Roodaka’s species.


Ohhh okay. Hmm She’s not that but I can’t say what she is haha

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Might need a more bulky waist. Other than that, I like it.

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She’s uh


Her mouth’s a snout then? I’m assuming she’s reptilian or something…

Indeed it is but she’s not reptillian. But any criticism on the MOC itself?


she has an alright color and build

It looks a lot like a Vortixx.

But even if it’s not, it’s still really solid and fairly clean looking. Great build!

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Consistent Vortixx. In lime flavor.