Verra Von Terra, "The Baron of Swindles"

Verra Von Terra started off as just a simple drone but during a conflict was knocked offline, it wasn’t until years later that he was reactivated. Once online he discovered that he could now think for himself. Using this new found ability he did the only thing he could think of, start an armed group of bandits disguised as treasure hunters. Verra Von Terra created an entirely new origin story for himself, one in which he was a powerful ruler that gave up a life of luxury to travel the universe searching for hidden secrets. In reality he gathered up some of the most despicable beings to ever exist and they travel from planet to planet selling broken goods and stealing from planets on the verge of extinction.



He’s really neat with interesting proportions, but I think the Lewa chest plate looks a little out of place


I do agree for the most part. Sadly the only piece in the suitable colour came in the grevious set.


The squat profile works wonders for him.

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It’s cute, fancy, well designed, uses a really nice color, what more could I ask for.

also it has a top hat

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A tad more lime green would benefit the color scheme, but this is overall well made. I enjoy his stature and the design of the arms.

It’s so short that I LOVE IT! :smiley:

Everything about this little guys is weird and different. I love it.

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