Vessel ad

So I went to my Twitter feed, and noticed this. What do you guys think? @Mesonak @Viper @Venom @Eljay @TakumaNuva @Kahi


I wonder what algorithm Vessel uses for that collage. It's more then likely pulling from the most popular channels. Which is awesome news for TTV.


And not to mention they're the largest icon might be even better for them

Hmm, I was thinking it was mostly random. But you never know...


ok that's cool even bigger than Rhett and Link and machinima

or Cyanide and Happiness

I shall not speak of that atrocity

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Or as Rhett and Link would say,

"Let's talk about that."


TTV is among the top searches on Vessel.

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I checked the Vessel "Top Channels/Shows" about a week ago, and TTV is about 480th, and in the "Popular" section, TTV 161 was about 120th on the list. I don't know how many channels there are on Vessel, but its probably at least 1000. So although TTV is doing well for a Vessel channel (Imagine being in the top 500 channels on YouTube), the sad truth is that AppLego or Google are probably reading your browsing history and customizing your ads. There's really no way to know what shows up for people who don't watch TTV, because only someone who does would bring it to their/our attention.


Actually there is I bought a new computer recently and the after about 5 minutes of searching on vessel I haven't found much TTV related. Of course I didn't directly search up TTV but still.

Yep, TTV seems up there in terms of Vessel success.

TTV was among the top searches on my dad's computer when I went on Vessel for the first time.

Pretty sure the ads are based off what you've viewed on Youtube or otherwise.

This isn't really anything major, its just because you've seen TTV elsewhere that their search engine is more tailored to you. Kind of like Youtube ads, Google search results or any of the other 'look we have what you watch' ads.


on the home page ttv is 51th

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Speaking of ads,

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I checked today. TTV is the 367th most popular channel on Vessel, and TTV 156 was the 176th video in the "Popular" section. The good news is that TTV is in the top 500 most popular Vessel channels. The bad news is that they're about 1/3 as popular as a channel called "Yo Mama". Bad news for TTV and for the future of humanity.