Vezon (7 characters)

So, I’m finally getting back into drawing official Bionicle characters as aposed to MoCs, and this is my first attempt. Honestly, I think it could be better, but it’s alright. Let me know what you think!


Left arm is a bit short and right hand is a. Bit too far up the spear to look natural imo

Overall this is a great drawing capturing the slender glorious design and looks

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I love it! It’s an interesting take on his design. You should try some posing though. The static ‘staring off in the distance’ stance doesn’t seem to work for Vezon, who’s supposed to be a literal maniac. Otherwise, good work!

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@LTVmocs Idk, I kninda like the big spear on him, just my opinion though

Also, I can’t believe you’re still using that avatar I made for you! That’s awesome!

@Samtastictogo Yeah, definitely, I have a new way of setting up drawings that makes setting up dynamic poses easier, so I really need to try something less static (unless I’m working on concept art)

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I meant he is holding it too far up in. An unnatural way. Small nit pick

Yeah. I am. I had my last avatar for almost a year

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Ohhh, ok. You know when a character is hunched over and they’re holding their staff/spear really high, that’s kinda what I was going for, although probably doesn’t work as well when the character’s not hunched over.

Yeah, in concept art static poses are desirable

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Really basic, but a nice start… Only I couldn’t for the life of me tell it’s Bionicle.

Also, the disproportion on the legs… :weary:

Oh yeah, I see what you mean about the legs. Also,

I understand that by the title. Otherwise there’d be no clue.

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I like it.

I’m not good at this critiquing thing

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Personally, I like taking a LOT of liberties when drawing Bionicles, although still making things have details of actual pieces, like pin holes and stuff like that.

This is probably a stupid question, but where’re the other six characters?

No, I Vezon is a name with 6 characters, and the board only allows titles of 7 characters, so I just put “7 characters” in the title so everyone would understand


Cough cough

######Bionicle, not Bionicles


Listen, man. I’m gonna be completely honest with you. I used to draw Bionicles strictly based on the sets (like, as in you can see the parts), and I didn’t look how it looked. I prefer this style over my old one because it just makes things look better and more plausible. If your not into that, then that’s fine. But, at least for now, I’m gonna keep my style the way it is, okay?

Also, no bad feeling, right?


And now you draw Bionicle Characters because you fixed your grammar, right?

Ok, I don’t want to start anything, but what is going on?

you both going to argue over how to write the plural of bionicle?

I honestly have no idea.