Vezon - Master of Anarchy

here is my entry for the 1st anniversary community contest

for thousands of years the name “vezon” was forgotten. but now, he has returned.
as vezon rises from the darkness, the agent of chaos can finally destroy the once peaceful okoto. he will fight until every tree, every village and every temple has been burned down.
the toa’s bodies will be shattered and melted.
the masks of power will be broken.
and there is something else, that vezon will break…
the will of okoto’s people. all rules and communities will be shattered and only vezon shall have the power to control anyone or anything!
that may become his greatest work yet.


Vezon must be part of the Anti-Aboreal Association

The Moc looks magnificent though


yeah, he has worked with those nice people for quite some time. he likes and respects them but also knows that he’ll have to burn their hearts and slice their lungs :smile:
chaos shall rise…

thx :wink:

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[Stares at screen]

…Instant Like.


Looks like Vezon decided to hit the gym :stuck_out_tongue:

Well this MOC is really cool and the design is creative. But the hands look way too small.

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yeah, i need to change those hands. i’m gonna concentrate on other MOCs though.
i’ll leave his hands alone for now :smiley:


  • Color Scheme is Consistent (don’t worry about the pins, they shouldn’t really count unless it is in a really strange place)
  • The back filled up well
  • Bulk-Master
  • I like the legs, but the back should be filled up a bit more
  • Like the Staff of Fusion
  • Painted face doesn’t look as intimidating as the original
    -The Br. At. Torso Armor’s open pin makes the model look slightly unfinished
  • The arms are too long, meaning the proportions are pretty off
  • The heartlight’s color should match the eyestock’s
  • Tires on the elbows don’t flow well (If you do a little bit more with the connectors on the Onua Hammer pieces, it should look fine :wink:)
  • I think the robe would look better if t would cover up the entire upper right side
  • The Sword’s hilt seems to stick a bit too far out of the model’s hand

I would give this MOC a 7/10.
I like the MOC. It looks pretty cool and has a pretty consistent color scheme, but it has its faults, such as its wonky proportions.

Good Job! :grinning:

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Awesome moc, good job.

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This is pretty sick!

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