Vician and Friends

Here are two table scrap Seats i guess, and a remake of Vician.

The first is my Vician revamp, I added a different wing style, and I did go with the chunks of plastic like the original.

Next is a spider Rahi I made, the fangs are poisonous, and it is pretty weak.

Finally is a dog thing, not really sure what it is, I was working on a foot, then it turned into a head, so I built it a really tiny body for humor. Enjoy, the yellow is used due to lack of grey.

Finally we end with a picture of he three together. comments and criticism are always accepted.


The dog thing is definitely my favorite. I like the clever use of the Hordika neck piece as the base for the torso.


Thanks, I really like it as well. I use those neck prices a good bit of the time when making smaller things.

I think you mean Vican. That aside, these all are pretty good and an innovative use of parts.

Thanks, I will just leave the name as it is though, Vician has a nice ring to it.

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Edited title for spelling - Jack_Frost


Yeah, I didn't see that, I've changed it back to normal

Those are nifty rahi.


Interesting. Quote horrific, to be honest, but some interesting designs nonetheless.

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I'm not sure whether to fear that dog Rahi or feel sorry for it...

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