Vicroen's self moc v2

So yah this thing is a complete overhaul of the last version but kept some aspects of the old version such as the bulk and weaponry. He is now a toa of air and wears a kualsi. He has his cordak blasters mounted on his shoulders but can be removed for better accuracy and control of them. Sorry about the lighting it is kind of hard to see details but if people really want me to I will post better pictures.

horribly lit back shot
a better look at the torso and he is also holding his cordak blasters now
here he is aiming with his cordak blasters about to rapid fire


seems alright

I can't tell if that was a compliment or something else

well i mean it's dandy for an inika build, but something feels off

hm... maybe the hollow bohrok headpiece thights, the blade and blaster? They feel odd

the Mahri blasters make it feel like a mahri set... and feel incomplete

nothing real negative, but somehow slightly bothers me....

What is an inika build to you? And also I don't use any Bohrok headpieces

One that has the same base torso as an 06'-'09 canister set.

Oh wait

yeah you're right the lower legs are technic bits

but they seem empty. Thing you might need to fill it up. Not with random junk but something that'll fit

Yah I could find a better way to do that just limited by parts but I do like the look, also the torso is custom.

The one hand cannon is preeetty khooool. Looks awesome, Cordak blasters are meh, I think they don't look good (opinions, opinions, keep them for yourself, Eddie), but, all in all, looks good.

The reason for cordak blasters is because I like heavy weaponry but I am not very good at building custom guns

I see. As I said, they are good for heavy weaponry, but my opinions aren't the most reliable. grin

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Valid point... this is a custom build, isn't it. Colors are rather well done (might like to see some more red on the legs or something for spreading it out), the torso is compact enough but still gappy, and I'm not sure whether the blades on the shin are cool or awkward. Also exposed balljoints.

This is a custom build and I am very limited by parts to fill in the torso those blades are backup daggers or for kneeing

The Gun-Sholder are complete AWSOME! Just the concept makes the moc better than a lot of others. And Gun-Sholders kinda remind me of a Transformer named Ultra Magnus.
Anyway 8/10

Hey thanks