Video Game Movies

Let's talk about Video Game Movies.


The Hitman movie, the Assassins Creed movie and Pixels

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Stars wars the old republic short movie on YouTube was really good!


that's cool, but I believe the topic is Movies in theaters or similar based on games

say the Super Mario Bros Movie or something


Do you dare bring up the name of that abomination?

They need to make a good video game movie. Many of them suck. Especially that Mario one mentioned above. I could totally make a Mario movie better than that piece of crud.


I dare to also bring up Doom, Dead or Alive, Resident Evil, House of the Dead and maybe a few others

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I might bring this up

Warning, there might be content that is not appropriate! seriously, I forgot if there is

First time I saw the Prince of Persia movie, I thought it was pretty good.

I watched again a few months ago.

It was, at best, mediocre. Once you know what's gonna happen, there's not much to keep your interest.

Pretty sure that's the only movie I've seen that's based on a video game. If you expand the definition a bit, though, TRON is pretty good. smiley


The Mario Bros Movie is amazing XD

Got so many laughs out of my friends by showing it at the lunch table last year.

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Sly Cooper hype! I know it's gonna be bad but still.

They're almost all terrible...

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I REALLY enjoyed Disney's Prince Of Persia. Sure the plot and character might have been a bit weak (I honestly don't remember). But the action, locations and atmosphere was great. And of course, PoP led to some fantastic LEGO sets.


Yeah, the sets looked great. Sadly I never got any of them. I was too interested in Lego Indiana Jones. stuck_out_tongue

As for the film, I didn't really understand half of what was going on.


I just noticed this... Fixed

I just watched a trailer for Hitman: Agent 47, and it looks decent.

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I've been hyping over this chunk of my childhood since they announced it back in 2013!

This E3 2014trailer took some getting used to, but now all I can think of is how visually stunning this looks!


so i have never played Ratchet and Clank

and yet i am very excited for this movie

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Me neither, and me too.

Angry birds movie, amirite?

I watched the cinemasins video about that.
it looked awful.

This is a thing?

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Which is exactly what Sony wants you to feel.

The hype is real, guys.
We only have to wait 1 1/2 years.