Video Game Villains Redesigned

Did these up over the last month as something a little different. Some of these are less redesigned and more in a different style, but it still kinda applies. If you guys have any suggestions for other villains, I’d love to hear them!

I should probably explain some of my design choices. K Rool I kept pretty similar, though I gave him some more jewels and made him look more like a crocodile. As for Shadow, I embraced the experiment side of him, giving him gauntlets and boots to control his powers. Also, I changed his eye colour to reflect his powers


Very nice both of them.

King K. Rool looks very insane.

And Shadow looks… pretty much how he always looks. Slightly perturbed.


That Shadow really scares me.

Robot hedgehog limbs…

They look cool, though.

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Dude these look amazing! King K Rule is definitely my favorite of the two.

As for other villians, I’d love to see what you could do with Bowser or Ridley.

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Ohhh, Bowser and Ridley are tempting


Ganon would also be a great one to draw, I’d think.
Or Saturos and/or Menardi if you know who they are.

And also, these look really cool! I like Shadow’s design best, personally. The robot arms are cool.

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Maybe you should try Wallhart from Fire Emblem, or maybe LBX General!

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That’s kinda funny, I was just thinking about redesigning Ganon yesterday

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