Vigess (some kinda Bug-man?)

(Disregard most of what I say in this post, I have already started “fixing” him)

This character is based on an OC I made a while back (unrelated to Bionicle). I’m gonna cut straight to the point: I hate this. I am not satisfied at all with any part of the moc, except the head and maybe the wings.

I tried to make something like an amalgamation of bugs (rhinoceros beetle, praying mantis, etc.), but it’s a bit hard to tell.

The only reason I’m posting this thing is to get ideas for improvements.

A closer look at his god-awful torso (the head attaches near the trans-green studs):

His torso falls apart very easily, because of that tri connector is connected with only a blue pin.



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I’m not really sure what to say about this MOC, because at first glance it looks alright with the custom head and all. But more angles like a proper side-view and maybe a back-view would help a lot with judging it.

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So I’ve already begun fixing him, and I actually am rather proud of 'im now.

I changed the back feet (they were silver before, which was kinda weird?), made the torso much more solid, added an extra joint onto his wings, and added some more trans-green studs.

That light gray connector on the back is supposed to be black but I was too lazy to change it