Villain Discussion

Seen a lot of people in the Bionicle topic discussing their favourite villains, what they desire in a villain and more, so thought I'd make a topic so that can be discussed. Enjoy smile

You can discuss virtually anything villain related here.

Few ideas to discuss;
- What do you look for in a villain?
- What makes the villain most memorable?
- Favourite villain design?
- Best villains speeches/lines?



Best villain forever is



I look for an actual character, not some one-dimensional Hero Factory guy who has some sort of vendetta. I want someone who really cares about evil and does anything to help him/her achieve such a goal.

Makuta. Don't really know any others.

A sleek design with spikes, or a menacing look.

We have a topic for that, but the other two points kind of gives this one a superior feel.

I look for complexity. Why do they act like this? What makes them want to be... well, Evil. My personal favorite design is from Frollo. He is seen as this Holy and pure soul with the clothes he wears on his body, but is rotten and Lust-filled on the inside.


Ah ok, sorry about that, didn't realise how many topics there was discussing villains from a single place or otherwise - was just suggestions of things to discuss in general :stuck_out_tongue:

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Character, for one thing. But I also look for motivation, and how hideous or disturbing their acts are.

Definitely Darth Vader or Makuta, but also Magneto and Dr. Octopus. Maybe Dr. Doom too.

Darth Vader. Most definitely Darth Vader.

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We already have a topic for this.

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They should be robots, have Brittish accents, a good evil laugh, and turn good at the end.

[COUGH] Wheatley [COUGH]


Wheatly didn't turn good in the end though.


Yes he did. :neutral_face:

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What I look for in a villian is a smart sophisticated person with an unbearable urge to start monologging. Loki from the mcu is one of my favorite villians but I think the idea of a villian with a tragic backstory is getting corny these days. In the end just give me a good old fashoned evil for the sake of being evil villian who can give the hero or hero's a run for their money.


Plural already pointed that aspect out, however this topic is not intended solely for discussion on the favourite villains. That was just part of a variety of aspects that i thought the general discussion could encapsulate. If there is already a topic, then that aspect needn't be discussed here.

Removed that aspect from the suggestions :3


I enjoy a villain that isn't cliche, has unclear motives that slowly become clearer, one that you don't want to side with, but you don't hate, and one that looks cool. Also, the only thing that compliments a good villain, is a great hero. I often times find myself siding with the villain...


My favorite villains are from comic books since you can do so many things with them, and for the most part their stories dont end, so you can always re-invent them.

-In villains I look for relatability and motivations that I deem reasonable,
for example the Rogues from Flash,

They're like blue-collared workers, they have morals and are just doing what they do to stay alive

  • the most memorable villains I can think of right now are Magneto and Doctor Doom, for obvious reasons

- Best looking design for a villain is Black Manta, he's just menacing to look at



Favorite Villains (no particular order)
Darth Vader (Star Wars)
General Grievous (Star Wars)
Zanza (Xenoblade Chronicles)
Hades (Kid Icarus)
Bowser (Super Mario Brothers)
Makuta Teridax (BIONICLE)
Barraki (BIONICLE)
Megatron (Transformers)

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My favorite villains are the ones I can relate too. The most common trait I familiarize with is their personality. Smart, master-manipulators, unorthodox solutions, and an overall "the ends justify the means" kind of outlook all make for an interesting villain. I've already mentioned before in other topics that Moriarty from the Sherlock stories is one of my favorites. Wilson Fisk is a new favorite of mine since I am halfway through watching Daredevil. And of course Makuta Teridax is another one.


When? I don't remember this...

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It seems you didn't wait until the end of the credits. smile

I'm a fan of the classic villains.


Going to be honest, have no idea who that is - mind explaining? :smile:

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