Villain Tahu

This is what I think Tahu would look like as a vilainous goat-man thing.

I tried to keep the recognizable features of '01 Tahu, while up dating him a bit. I think the part that turned out best was the torso.

In the clasic "Six Heroes, One Destiny" poes.

I think he came out alright, but looking at him now, he could've stood a bit more customization.

I think tat he has one of the best looking backs of any of my creations, though.

So what do all of you think?


The three-prong claw piece (the one in the torso) doesn't really look good. The neck is a bit janky, too. Try making the plates a bit more focused inwards instead of jutting outwards.

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i would recommend cropping the photos a bit so it's easier to see the moc. and the head sticks out a bit

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I'm not really digging the hunch-back look. And I know I'm not really one to talk, but a better camera is recommended. I know they cost a lot, but I'm not saying you should go out of your way to get one.

yeah you don't need a camera, just a place with better lighting and a solid background. all of my moc's photo's were taken with my iphone.

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Dat Neck Doe

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@Brunamal, @Omega_Tahu, @Radiation-7901, Here's some better photos.

And yes, the neck is supposed to look that way.


Eh, even with the better pics he still looks like a mess

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Interesting concept. Keep working at that demon look. I would make him be less red. He's also a bit cluttered.

I really do not like the design of that neck. It needs to change

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The fire on the front of him at his waist looks a little bit akward in that placing. I'm not gonna go into any more detail on that cuz i don't want my acount to be flagged as innapropriate. If you're old enough, you'll know what i'm referring to. The arms also seem a little too long to me.

I don't like puns :disappointed:

Yeah, I know what you mean. I kind of intended it to look like a skirt/kilt looking thing, but I guess it kind of back fired. Pun intended.