A robotic antibody from a much larger construct. Originally designated White Knight 1,012, her original programming was overriden by highly advanced virus. The combined construct named itself Viralia and now travels The Temple with the rest of her team to find the center room. Despite her split personality, she is a force to be reckoned with, and her powers over technology and ability to create holographic constructs give her a strategic advantage.

No weapons yet. Back at my grandparent's house for a few more days and she's all I have with me.

Hope you enjoy!

Viralia Viralia Viralia

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It's pretty well built. I like the turbine on the torso. 9.28359/10 or something


Looks great! love the head!

It's finally done! It looks sweet btw

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good job as usual @Ekorak , I like the waist and the torso and shoulders have nice sculpting. smile

Like i said on flickr,it definitely isn't your best(Entropy was alot betterIMO),but i like the legs and upper torso.
also the eyes are spoopy

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Well. Honestly I respect opinon, but I prefer this to Entropy.

Also so many people are at my neck over Entropy, so I ditched him.

But, from what I know of your tastes, you'll like Pathogen as Entropy's replacement more wink

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what is this

Replacement Self-MOC for Entropy

Not built yet but he'll come soon enough

Picture the Necrophages from Endless Legend, but with Toa level abilities over the element of Disease.



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This is pretty good, but it took me a while to realize that she had a face. 8.5/10


Also the fact that the fan is trans messes with me for some reason

I got to say this is amazing!
Nice work with the blue pins.

Wait. so Entropy was given bad rap?


Long story short, I overposted him and a few people got very salty because they were sick of seeing him.

I don't like having bad reputation so he's gone.

Simple as that :/

I don't blame anybody though. If I had seen somebody post as much of him as I had, I'd be pretty sick of him too

Ah kay...


ah, the notatoa.

shoulders are way too low.

U could of covered the chest,but thats the design I think but awesome moc dude!


He's obviously found a way to MOC with diseases.