Vire Elemitrix of Fire / Waral Creature of Fire

Name: Vire

Element: Fire

Team: The Hot Head

Backstory: Vire is the team’s hot head and one of their strongest member. Vire was blowing off steam and then found the ancient ruins. If you guys have been following the characters, he was not alone, Ronon touched a glowing orb, everyone went black, and he fought evil until he went in to a sleeper pod. He will return when he is need.


Name: Waral

Element: Fire

Base: Vulture

Master: Vire

Backstory: The orb which gave Vire his powers also created Waral who is suppose to help when ever he needs it.


The appearance of the moc’s is more of a “G1 Uniters” look.

Both Vire and Waral build are pretty basic; but I will say Waral contrast doesn’t work well with the G1 parts.

Pretty cool, though Waral steals the show.

Not bad. As always, the creature is amazing, and the guy could be better. Except for the moom guys. Both where pretty much perfect.


Claw nunchuks
Just might be the most impractical weapon design ever.


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