Virtues of tomorrow fan-podcast

From the ashes of a half-way decent terribly handled game-night RISES A NEW PODCAST!
the Virtues of tomorrow podcast is a fan-cast and approved by the @Mesonak himself. we will have fan-submitted topics and video ideas. THE Future Podcast TODAYYYY!
includes myself, @brocklegomaster, Kitt, and Bigthwomp

we have approval from @Mesonak for this (don’t hurt us)


Edited title - Booster

So, who exactly is in this podcast?

So… who else is in this podcast? And what kind of stuff will you be doing?

Exactly what kind of approval did you need from Meso?

Wow that was quick

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Sorry guys, but this qualifies as Promotion/Advertising, and one of you needs to be a Master to be able to post that.

Once one of you becomes a Master, PM a Mod and we’ll open this up.