Virus MOC Entrance!

This is my first MOC posted here!:smiley: It is also my entrance into the contest hosted by @Willess12. Here it goes…

That’s the front…

There’s the back…

The side…

View of the top…

And finally the view of the bottom.

Tell me what you guys think of this virus!!!


Im afraid I can’t say anything good about this thing. Quite honestly it just looks like you threw a bunch of pieces together.

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I’m sorry to hear that!:frowning: The contest did say ugliness was encouraged


Like the integration of the Inika shoulder armor, but it doesn’t look like a virus to me.

'pologies, mate
would be cool to see in one color, though.


I did say “Ugly”.

Well, I was referring to “monstrous in appearance”, but I’m really not picky.

TBH, though, I will say it’s possible to make a good-looking MOC of an “Ugly” creature.

Eh, I’ll be impartial and judge it based on what it is.


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Let me make this clear… You said ugly MOCs are encouraged, I took that as; Make a teribbad MOC and hope nobody makes an awesome MOC that blows yours out of the water.
That’s what I thought… I guess I can always enter it in a teribbad MOC contest, if those come around again. If I have time I can make another entry… Oh well!

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Yes, I did say that, and that’s perfectly fine.

If you want, you can make another entry for this contest. Doing so will DQ this entry, since only one entry per person, but you can if you want.

If I don’t post another this will be it

I think it’s really cute. :smile:

Even viewing this as a simplistic insectoid-is virus, it’s still got a lot of colors going on. Silver, two orange tones, three green tones… Not as much going for it, and seems like not much to it.