Vitalis Toa of Lightning [revamp]


Went back and redid my Toa of Lightning to give her (1. more accurate colours (2. a better mask and (3. some Borohk eyes for more trans-neon-green.


needs white, but otherwise looking nice!

Actually, this feels slightly like a more better 2006 Hahli


it doesn't need white it's perfectly fine as it is.

Much better than the original! The Dark Blue, Gunmetal, and Neon green really compliment each other to make a nice colorscheme. The Bohrok eyes on the arms look a little weird, but otherwise this is a fantastic MOC!

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Looks great!

Technically you should have white if you're making a G1 MOC that has lightning as their element. So yes, it does need white. But if the creator wants to forgo the color white, then that is their decision.

And actually, that is something I can nitpick about this MOC. The only thing saving this MOC from looking like a toa of water is the build. Which I have to say, the build is amazing. I can tell the MOCist has seen other MOCs and is taking pages from those books. Also the choices they made for the torso look awesome. But anyways, the industrial feel of the MOC tells me it is a toa of lightning. Now I am have grown accustomed to a color scheme defining a MOC's element. As we all know, the lightning color scheme of G1 is blue and white. It's not a bad thing if a lightning MOC wants to use an alternate color scheme, but I think some white in there would improve the MOC.

Again, it is the MOCist's decision whether or not they want to add in white. It is what I would do, but that is just me. But all in all, I think this is a solid MOC. My rating: 7.8/10.

Also, TheFallenFell, please take better photos next time. The lighting is off in these photos. It makes them look blurry around the outside of the photos.

this isn't specified as a g1 moc

And? It looks like a G1 MOC and until FallenFell specifies it isn't, I am going to assume it is.

Also: Dude, chill. I said it was completely FallenFell's decision to add white or not. Lightning MOCs can work without it. I was just saying that that is what I would do.

As @ChaoticTempleKnight said, Toa of Lightning had white. And even then, JMP is allowed to hold his own opinions. Whether or not white is added is up to the MOCcist, but we can all have our opinion on the matter.

Now, onto the MOC. It's very impressive. The build is very good, and the trans-yellowgreen is a nice touch. 9/10

I always thought Vo-Toa had silver instead of white.

Skirt looks a little odd, and the limb piece textures are off, but it's pretty well built!

Brom BS01

Nice. Just add some large, flat armoring on the leg, and she will be perfect

and where exactly did I state that everyones opinion is not allowed...

Oh thats a lot of comments to wake up to.

Now just a couple of things I want to point out, mainly to @Darknova3529 and @ChaoticTempleKnight not that I'm at all displeased with critiques.

-The colour scheme of Toa was never entirely strict, the only colour that really stayed the same was the primary, notable case would be the secondary of Ko Toa changing from white and light grey to white and light blue.

  • There aren't many white pieces that could be commonly used as secondary pieces (upper arms, thighs, pre-09 hand peices) or at least none that I own.

Maybe not by word, but it was implied when you said

All you needed to say is, "I like the color scheme." You didn't have to argue his opinion.

I said that as don't follow rules and create what you wanna create but nope people take it wrong

Fair enough. I know what it is like not having certain parts.

Now time to address the other thing.

Alright, this is the last thing I am going to say towards this issue:

You should have specified that in your initial comment.

No part of this says outright that you can do whatever you want. I can see that you meant people can do whatever they want, but again, it doesn't say that outright. To us it looked like you were shooting down opinions (my apologies if I sound too harsh). Also: people being able to do what they want does not void them from critique and/or criticism.

It's safe to say we are getting off topic. Let's get back to discussing the MOC. If you wish to continue this discussion Darknova, please PM me.

This is great looking! The Gunmetal, Blue, and Green work so well, and I love the use of the Inika sword. Great work! :smile:

I got to admit this looks great.
Though it doesn't live up to the title of Toa Of Lightning due to not having white.