Vivel-0RR37 V4

Designation Vivel-0RR37, or simply 37, was a League of Six Kingdoms Maxilon-series Assault Android programmed to serve the League as a soldier. When the Brotherhood of Makuta overthrew the League, 37 was kept hidden inside a lab on the newly-named Ze Nui, as such he was saved from the destruction of the other Maxilons. He was rediscovered millenia later when a hunting patrol consisting of the Turaga Kikag and two Ko-Matoran discovered the ancient lab buried under piles of snow. After one of the Matoran started poking around, he pushed a button, removing 37 from stasis. 37 had lost all memories from deterioration of his interior systems.

This is the fourth, and perhaps final, version of Vivel-0RR37.

(Excuse crappy camera, consequence of using an iPad.)
Front shot.

obligatory shot nyran

some ayylmao poses


pew pew

"I wonder what this Kanohi is...?"

Paint me like one of your Ga-Matoran.

His sword, Cerebellum.

Build inspired by former Biotuber MoonWerewolfAir.

ayylmao leave critique n' such

The swords blade could use a bit of work since the hilt makes it out to be a Double edged sword.

Try using jalla Mahri sword as the blade

Good Moc BTW

Ros are 2 points and cons are -1 points

Color scheme is very much like maxilos
Good build
Head is good
Soword looks great
Gun on shoulder is g2 but feels g1
Looks sturdy

Neck makes it hunched back wich is very much unlike a maxilos robot

Overall... 11
Great moc, complex and cool. Just got to fix the neck

tfw you never got Jaller Mahri

It was the closest thing I got. I could just order the Jaller Mahri sword piece on Bricklink if I knew how to use it.


I like the sword, and the poses you used.

The term is Ga-matoran. :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously though, great moc. Not really any major complaints from me.

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Surely Le-Matoran are the French ones? Onhonhonhonhonhon


Yea, it looks good!

Why don't people do more League of Six Kingdoms MOCs?

The top of the shoulder looks really bare, I think you could add something there to fill that out.

I like his chain necklace and the weapon is cool.

The Whenua Hordika head is a questionable choice, but I'd have to admit it looks pretty okay here!

All in all, good build!

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I don't know, I once met a French Onu-Matoran.

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Nice! Love the backstory (I love anything that deals with the different BIONICLE factions).

Upper arms could use some shoulder pads and the mid-section should be bulked up. I also recommend finding a better background for the future. That light blue's a nice colour, but it really clashes here. =)

I used to use my bathroom, worked perfectly.
Then a lightbulb had to go out, now the new one's yellow as hell.
So, uh, this was my only other option. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really don't know why I chose it in the first place myself.

The one with the gun or the one with the pauldron?

Originally it was supposed to be Hand Of Artahka-affiliated, but it kinda broke canon. Besides, Barraki are kool people.

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??????? I thought po matoran had the best french accent. For le matoran mustve gotten british mixxed up with french.

You sure you don't have any other options? Try setting up your own micro-studio. Here's some tips to get started:

Don't worry. Us MOCers break Canon like we break lime joints. :wink:

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Why am I taking advice from3rdeye88...?

I can't do many of the more advanced techniques, but I'll buy a white posterboard and reshoot the photos tomorrow.

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I thought Po-Matoran were either Australian or Scottish, depending on the Po-Matoran.

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In the first picture he looks so done

This is an awesome MOC!

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He seems neat! Me likey

you could use anything double edged such as Matoro ignikas sword.
or repaint Kopaka matas sword to the blades colour

Good job! I like the inclusion of a stud shooter, that's not seen too often. Very nice oriental style going with it as well. Awesome!