An old toa of light MOC.
No backstory,sorry.

More pics here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129742974@N03/sets/72157655231143598


it has an Avohkii, that makes it a toa of light, right guys?

eh, it's just sort of a blandly coloured, lanky build, at least it has a black waist.
no backstory means no excuse for it being black and silver instead of white and gold.

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Interesting torso. I like how you configured the rarely used Glatorian game piece. While some people may complain about the fact that is has an Avohkii, I personally don't mind it (just because there are MOCing tropes doesn't necessarily make a MOC bad, as people have their own preferences). My only issue is that the color scheme could be a bit more eclectic, seeing as it is a Toa of Light maybe he could use gold or white.

@Stoax Thanks! I know he isn't the most original of a toa,but i do enjoy a nice simple MOC once in a while,amirite?

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I'l give him a backstory. He was drained of his light powers long ago. Because of his lack of light power his body started to become really weak. somebody can continue on that wink

I like him

@Darknova3529 Noice.

It's pretty good.


Pros: torso posabilityposability, cool torso, Avohkii.

Con's: simple limbs, bland color scheme, Avohkii.

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wow i didn't expect anybody to come back in the topic

How did that happen?


No idea.
Happens to me often when i rewrite my sentence but i forget to remove a word.

Lol, I have a MOC named Vladimir as well, though he's an assassin and has a mostly red, black and silver colour scheme. He takes inspiration from Assassin's Creed, as evident by his wristblades (you can only see one in the picture however), as well as his Ezio cape.


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