Vladin's Library

Hello! As the title can say, I have my own library made from books that I wrote from shows that I like.
Over now, the Library have:
1) Books from Gravity Falls (Journals, Stanford's notes, etc.)
2) Books of Monsters, from Nexo Knights.
With the book of monsters I have a problem. Over know, I know this species of monsters:
1) Lava Monsters
2) Rock Monsters
3) Sea Monsters
4) Forest Monsters
5) Sick Monsters
But I don't want only fife monster books. I want more! And here start your job: if you want to help me, you can send me an individual message were you can give me an idea from a custom Nexo Knights Monster Tribe. Your message need to have:
1) The element of the tribe;
2) Monstrox's form (a book, a cloud);
3) The look of a little guy (Scurrier);
4) A image with an basic trooper.
Of course, if you will help me, you will have a credit.
Thank you.

Ok let make a gravity falls 1 plz


do you have pictures of said books?

No, their are not done yet. I will make topics for them.