Vladus-ZK4 [ARC]

Once a Glatorian of the Ice Tribe, now the Eternal’s scout and sharpshooter. While not being based on a pre-existing set or character, I still aimed for the same sense of set accuracy as with my Vorox and Zesk MOCs from last week, contrasted with the enhancements being heavy on technic greebles to create that distinction.


Very nice!

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Oh, so here is the guy who made cybervorox. Nice wings! Cool usage of Hahli’s blue&white pieces. Only concern are flames and red head - they are kinda combine with each other, bu i personnaly either added some more red or replaced red with blue. But it’s just my opinion. All in all, he is very cool.

P.S. It would be nice to see him next to modified Vorox and Zesk

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Thanks! I plan on getting a group photo of the current line-up of Eternal once they’re all finished and photographed.

Also regarding the head, I wanted to suggest extremely bloodshot eyes, but since the Glatorian heads are one fixed piece I had to settle for the entire head being red.

Yet another sick MOC! I like the usage of those universal joints for the wings!

This is just… MMMMMMMMMM! The color scheme is so clean and the robotic legs are just magnifcent. The only issue I would say there is the Gelu mask as the blue on his horns conflict with the color scheme a little (not by much but still) Beautiful moc and keep up the good work.

@theBolderBoulder Thankyou! :smile:

@Toa_Good_Guy It is unfortunate about the helmet, the out-of place light blue bothers me a bit too. I justify it by imagining that pre-enhancement Vladus would have had more light blue in his colour scheme (e.g. wielding dual Strakk axes), so with that in mind it kind of makes sense.

The wings are amazing. Neat moc.

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