Voice Acting Project If Anyone Is Interested

I wasn't exactly sure where to post this so I just put it here in the Videos sub-category.

I've been wanting to add more voices to my channel for a while, and I thought I might put together a test run video to see how that would work.

I thought I would do a Super Sentai/Power Rangers like roll call with the 5 Asoblock Rangers I debuted on my YouTube channel last week.

I would need 3 or 4 male voices(depending on if I voice a ranger) and one female voice (I decided that yellow is the one female ranger), over-all.

These are some examples of what I have in mind:

Just comment here and/or PM me if you want to try out.

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okay. Like I said I wasn't sure where to post this...

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And the fact you need to be a Master

okay...should I take it down or move it?

I flagged it a mod will come soon

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Perhaos it isn't advertising, but it is in the wrong category

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I'm up for this - always looking to do a bit more voice acting.

If the topic does end up going, could always PM me about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, why not? I'd be interested.

I would like to.

This is definitely advertisement. Sorry, Spud. You have to be a MASTER in order to advertise for projects and stuff. I'll open this back up when you're a master, though. Just contact any Mod when that happens. :wink: