Voice casting thinga-majig!

Ya know what? Screw it! Ima upload this here too!


So yeah, been scrolling through bio-tube and such and alighted across a couple of casting call/voice acting videos and got a touch interested in a few of them, ‘CoughCough Rangus, William-Furno-StudiosCoughCough’.
One even giving me the idea to make a video with a few recorded lines and such, to show vocal range.

And by idea I mean it was written in the ‘what you have to do to possibly get a place’.

So yeah, I made a video, something I probably wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for that.
(Funny thing is how many random ‘voice’ files I have everywhere from just boredly recording random accents and such…)


So here is the video thing. Enjoy (probably not).
Is it crap? Is it not crap? You let me know! (But seriously any tips and/or such that could be offered would be highly appreciated.)

Also, most of these lines were made using a dialogue generator. I just, for the most part, voiced them with whichever one I could do and seemed fitting at the time.


“Currently acting for one”
If you had not said that…

Good thing you actually know a thing or two about acting, otherwise that would be… troublesome, to say the least.

Actually I am attempting to join around 2 so far, both starting at differing dates, but I myself have enough free time to voice at least 2 normal length parts, or a few small parts.

Also, most of my acting skills are self taught, the rest only from 1 class of high-school drama… which is why I only consider voice acting positions.