Vojak (New self-Kronkiwongi)

Meet Vojak, Toa of Air. As a Matoran, Vojak's friends always thought he had a screw loose. Their suspicions were confirmed once the lonely Matoran was transformed into a Toa. Vojak saw no problem with killing to protect the Matoran, and did so quite often, as he had no team to hold him back. This is not to say that Vojak was a bloodthirsty killer, no, he had a great respect for all living things. He just had a problem with identifying his enemies as being alive. Eventually he was called to Metru Nui to help put down the Kanohi Dragon, and stayed there until the Toa-Dark Hunter War (I hope I got the timeline right on that), where he was one of the Toa's greatest warriors. it is this that earned him the nickname" the Soldier."

So this MOC is really special to me. it's the first thing I've ever created that I consider to be good. He's got a lot of personality, and I think he looks really good from pretty much all angles.

Obligatory back view

ready to strike

Quick shout out to @Ventum for all his input on this MOC. IT wouldn't look this good without his advice

So feel free to give oyur opinions or critiques, I always appreciate feedback


Well, great MOC, but two story problems:
1) Unless he was part of the Mangia, which he couldn't be if he had no team, he would not have been called in to handle the Kanohi dragon, as the Mangia were the only Toa there
2) For a Toa of Air, he has a lot of brown... It works as a MOC, but doesn't match up with the story.


simple, yet effective. Good use of skull spiders, nice use of Rahkshi shoulders, and a very nice air sword. some parts like the hips and simple arms don't seem so good however, and idk about the knee connection. The nuva shoulders are the least liked for me

all in all an alright air toa

@Paradox did you mean the warm grey or the background? This guy has no brown on him


Mask and back of shoulders

Both pieces are dark grey. There's no brown on him. And thanks for correcting me on the story bit. I always get messed up on pre-LoMN history.

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Could stand to have a bit more white on the body, maybe replace the mask with a white one?

But otherwise, this MOC is legit. +1


You're right. Unfortunately the only white masks I have don't really work, I tried them already. But I'll see what I can do. I'm getting some ideas as I type this


Hmmmmm... Looks brown to me...

They do in the picture., but I'm literally holding him in my hand right now and I assure you it's dark gray

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I see no single brown foot this time stuck_out_tongue

but for real I dig it alot actually. First time I've seen anyone use that one body piece from the rahkshi so well. Consider using more green though? Because for a Toa of Air he looks more like one of stone or iron.


There is the lime which doesn't work with the Skull Spider green and the old grey which can be confused for brown, and the white that isn't quite spread out correctly


The lime is unfortunate but it's the closest thing to the skull spider color, which I have none of.

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I was referencing my post on one of Cal's other MoC topics.

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Very nice.

This is based off of "Osso the Junkheap," correct?

aside from those hips, I like it, besides the colors which are ugly, but eh.

honestly, making him a toa of iron would look better,
swap the skull spiders for the silver variant and the lime for orange/keetorange(and some other parts to balance the colors) and it would look great,
as the minty vomit green just doesn't sit well with me. also the build would work better for a more physical element imo.

Final Verdict:
build:7(I like most of the build, bar the hips)
color:3(it may just be personal preference, but I absolutely hate those colors)
flow:8(although I hate the colors they are blocked well, and the textures blend nicely)
overall:6(the color is what really brings this moc down for me, as the overall look works)

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Yeah. It evolved out of that MOC. The old name actually was kept right up until it was finished, when I realized that it no longer suited him.

The skull spiders look good on him

get the ninjago 2015 summer sets

and ur golden.


Looks awesome. i love how beefy/bulky he looks,makes him more unique.

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