Volak (MOC)

#A rough, hardened warrior who takes names and asks questions later.

###Front view.

###A pose “showing” his articulate shoulders. (Not the best picture).

###Equipped with his Battle Axes.

###A pose with the Battle Axes.

###Next to Kolk and Arial. They are all roughly the same scale.

Okay, so…

I built Volak to relieve a lot of stress I’ve been going through lately (I’ll spare you the details). I built him in roughly ~9 or so hours. You can call him a Table Scrap if you want, but I consider him a “serious” MOC.

Oh, and on 2 final notes.

  • That Nuva Chest is a Mold-Test. This means it Did not come in any sets officially

  • Credit to Commander Spencer for giving me the name. I appreciate ya!

Thank you guys for taking a look at my MOC. Have a nice day! ^^


Very nice.
A picture of the back would be nice.
Besides that it flows pretty well.
And oddly the strange color scheme comes off as charming.
I rate 9/10


Very nice, he really fits in that team of characters.

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Those axes are the most legit axes I have ever seen.

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I like his color scheme, something that I wasn’t sure would work

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Thank you for the comments ^^

Weeeelllll, he’s one of those MOCs that kinda looks “amazing” from the front, but “Not the best” from the back. But if you want, here it is…

Thank you for the comment ^^


So simple yet likable, I do like this MOC…perhaps the feet do not suit it very well.

8/10 thumbs up.

for how simple the weapon is, it looks really good!
the same could be said about the moc itself!
great work :smiley:

I really like how crisp the photos are.

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The feet are honestly not a big issue to me. My only issue is the articulation, but I can manage. It isn’t the worst, not the best.

Thank you for the comment ^^

Thank you ^^

Would you believe me if I told you I take all my photos on my iPhone 5? Because… I take them on my iPhone 5 :joy:

Thank you for the comment though, I do try to make the pictures look as best as I can. ^^


There are a few imperfections, but overall awesome.
And those axes are perfection.

I feel like the white should be silver, but otherwise it’s great!

I really like this

I would really like to see some color in the lower part of the torso, but otherwise, exceptional work.

Looking smooth.

This is my only problem with this MOC. He doesn’t look rough (I’d blame the CCBS for that), but like he just came out of the hero factory. I like the style of the MOC, the unique color scheme, and everything just looks right; but ‘rough’ and ‘hardened’ don’t fit him.