Volt, the Railgun

Robot lightning girl. Inspired by Mikoto Misaka from the Index series.

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Dig the abdomen, or should I say lack of an abdomen.
Very Toa Mata

The gun also looks rad.

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My main problem with the MOC is that Toa of Lightning were canonically not this exactly like this MOC. Next time stick to canon exactly and do not deviate from the norm. Enjoy the Galigulag.

Other than that, he is a good boy.

Jokes aside, I’m glad you gave her Kaukau instead of that terrible Ruru. She looks great and the railgun is top. Have you got a picture of the inner frame of the legs? I’m curious how you attached those knees.


sean pls

Picture of the inner frame in its entirety. Kneepads just attach on to those exposed axles at the knees.


The colors work really well here, and the shoulder canon looks great

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Yo, the wire attaching to the railgun makes it even cooler. Just noticed that. A job well done, Captain Spencer.

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That shoulder railgun looks wicked sick.

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This MOC is crazy good. I think those torso pistons are ingenious, the the color scheme is really good-looking, and that railgun has me at a loss for words.


I really enjoy that you managed to avoid black bones for this- a feat that’s pretty difficult with CCBS.

This is great in concept and execution.

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I enjoy the aesthetic.
The skeleton underneath is sweet as well.

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This is so awesome. But i have a question. Can you move the legs and not having them break apart?

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For the lower part of the knee joint, yes. However, once you start utilizing the double joint and start bending the part that attaches to the upper leg, that’s when things start to fall apart. That being said, I rarely ever use that upper joint - the lower joint gives me more than enough articulation.

The thighs also stay on the waist with no issue.

Great custom skeleton and awesome railgun.

The frame is impressive but the gun is the standout feature.

Seeing the complete moc and the skeleton, it’s a great fusion of system, technic, and CCBS.
The moc’s armor and technical looking bits fit really well together and theres great color blocking.
The gap in the torso is amazingly simple but looks so great.

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The gun looks great!

could you take i pic of the back of the moc?

Follow the link at the bottom of the post. Takes you to the entire photo set, back shot included.

I like the color scheme. And the Railgun is lovely.

It’s bionicle and anime all over and I love it. Have no idea what Index is about, but the stylized proportions seem like they came out of a fighter game, and in a really good way. Like if overwatch had a toa of psionics as one of the heroes.