Voltak, Toa of Lightning v4

The speedor cover makes a shocking return

While I’m satisfied that I fixed the waist problem and brought back the cover piece, I still think that the moc has a problem with color distribution despite the effort to increase the amount of silver and trans-neon green. The torso as a whole could also use some tweaking

Size comparison to matoran form

Previous versions:

C&C is appreciated!


I think the biggest problem with colour balancing is the amount of black showing around the waist, thighs and forearms but really that’s a flaw of CCBS so I’m not too sure what I’d suggest to fix that, beyond maybe switching out some of the bones for tr-neon green?
The forward pointing collar is interesting. It looks like it’d impact head movement but as a kind of stylish ruff or something I quite like it!


Thanks! I was more concerned about the small bits of silver and trans-neon green, but now that you mention, the black does seem to be more apparent than the intended color scheme, so that’s something I should into
The cover piece is quite restricting, but hey it looks cool