Voltak, Toa of Lightning

After three years, I’ve finally ditched the speedor cover




Thanks for viewing, C&C is appreciated!


looks like someone’s been on a diet

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A little too thin if you ask me

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She’s definitely an improvement, though I’m sad to see the Chima bike piece go, but the new torso is still definitely an improvement. She could also use a tire or something around her waist. Really awesome job all around.

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The torso design is neat, but the waist does not look good. You can probably find a way to armor around the balljoint, and in the process bulk up that rail of a spine as well. Beyond that, I think the color placement is a bit odd, with the lime green prominent on the legs and absent on the arms, and silver on the forearms that appears nowhere else. My opinion is that you should redo the arms to match the coloration of the legs, but there’s a bunch of ways you could go with it.


Same here…

Voltak’s male, but I see how the feminine proportions can say otherwise

The waist was something that was always lackluster throughout the history of this moc, I’m open to ideas

Didn’t really take this into consideration, but I see it now, I’ll probably drop the silver, or add it back into the legs

Overall I’m dissatisfied how it looks, I probably should’ve gone back to the drawing board before ever considering posting this

Thanks for the suggestions, both of you!

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Any way you go I think you’ll need a new waist design. You could use the existing balljiont-based design with some more points allowing you to add some kind of armor, or replace it with something involving an axle with a pinhole. That would allow you to add armor from either the top or bottom and fit it snugly around a 1-brick-thick axle. I’m not sure what kind of pieces you have but you might be able to make something work with the Skrall armors you have on the wrists.


The color scheme reminds me of Brain Attack Surge. Neat MOC! I especially like how you used that Chima Speedorz piece on the neck!

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Thanks! Surge’s color color scheme was what stuck with me when I envisioned a lightning elemental being back then. As for the speedor cover, it wasn’t used in the version you see now, but I’m currently working on redoing this moc and figured a way to integrate the piece once more.

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