Voriki Minifigure Design (WIP) [Art]

I just noticed that now![quote=“RAKRONDEWL, post:21, topic:38452, full:true”]

They are not Bio-mechanical? I really don’t like that idea. When was that made cannon?


Yeah, since Onua has a wife and kids.

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Biomechanical beings can have kids. They’re similar to cyborgs.

And even though Bionicle means Biological Chronicle, I think removing the mechanical aspect entirely takes away some of the charm.

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I get why it might be straying from G1, but I think it’s not too bad of an idea.

You don’t have to take my word for it, though. I’m sure if you message one of the TTV Cast, they can confirm or deny the Matoran being biological creatures.

We might be getting off topic.