Voriki's Light Rhythm

Don't know where to put this, whether it be music or creative content. I was bored and I found this awesome application that let's you make some rhythms based on where you want the lights placed on the screen. The video itself is not good on terms of frame rate, but the video isn't that interesting to begin with. This video has 4 little songs I made with it, I'll make more if people like it, or maybe when I'm bored again.

Just noticed the thumbnail is misspelled, but I'm rolling with it now :smile:


I'll admit,I was skeptical at first, but this is actually really good :grinning:

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Surprisingly good and could funnily enough i could see this being used as background game music. Interested to see what music people create with this

Might be a little too cheery to be Voriki. Although this makes a killer ringtone.

What did you use to make this?