Vorox Chick

Drawing of that one MOC I made a while ago, female nameless Vorox


Looks pretty good. The armor on the upper arms looks pretty similar to its Lego counterpart

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it looks pretty good, her expresion is a little boring, but it’s great
the vorox are my favorite glatorians, so I will always like something like this

why does she have a blue glatorian head tho


the moc got a blue head

IDK why it had to be blue

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oh you based it of a moc, and it says it right there, just above, WHY DONT I EVER READ


I like the way this came out and can kinda see it as how a female Vorox would look.

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Cool. Personally prefer the physical Moc.

Looks more…civilized than the usual Vorox. Also that tiny mouth around the gaping jaws of the mask is strangely comical

Great artwork but the feet are awkwardly positioned

I like the design - though certain aspects look a little strange.

The tail for example is positioned close to the arm so it could be a weapon she has attached to her arm - meanwhile the feet are pointed inwards which looks a little odd - but other than that it looks alright. Just may be interesting to see a fighting pose.

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