Vortixx Shaman


This MOC was largely inspired by Buttloaf’s Toa Whenua and these wonderful Toa Mata illustrations by Elzas

first half
second half

Initially this was going to be a more standard Toa MOC but the focus shifted pretty quickly. I see this as something closer to my Nidhiki than my Toa Nuva where I focused less on aggressively pushing boundaries and more on refining this aesthetic/build style I’ve been working with. I’m very satisfied with how this MOC turned out. It may be one of my best works yet (in this particular style anyways) if I may say so.


pretty nice!
the head looks not as vortixx-y as you would expect, and maybe that’s a good thing.

Nice i like the texture of the arms by repeating that part over and over!

Im not getting any Vortixx vibes from this but I think the arms and legs are quite fun

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It doesn’t really remind me of a Vortixx, but it’s a very cool moc nonetheless.

Pretty neat design, especially the limbs and head. The brown is a little odd, though. And like others, I’m not feeling the Vortixx so much. Cool MOC nonetheless.