Vortrakk: New Custom Mask of Terror

The mask I had been using was only an upside down version of the Onua Mistika, I felt the need to change it, and flip it back, but people preferred I'd do something different, and I didn't want just a regular mask used. So I came up with the idea to build a custom cardboard Kanohi with glue and paint, simple craft store materials. The image below is the original format.

Currently there's no name for the Kanohi, and no main power to it, any suggestions are welcome. There's also a video titled 'Out with the old' that features the Kanohi for the first time. Enjoy.

P.S. No, I'm not changing it out for different materials, people keep telling me to use something else and I'm not interested.

UPDATE: New photos.


The mask you made yourself looks so much better than the flipped Pakari. I'd like to see more pictures of it, how it looks from different angles.



You literally built a mask out of paper and cardboard?

That's awesome!

It looks very sleek and well-shaped. Like @Tab said, it would be nice to see it from a few more angles.

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It looks pretty good man. As for what it could be of....perhaps terror? It's pretty intimidating.

A nice direction to take with your MOC; it's certainly a lot more ambitious being made of cardboard and all, but the execution is decent. I do think the green eye contrasts a little too much, though. Perhaps red would be better?

Not bad at all! It looks a lot better than the original, you should keep it.

Kanohi Pakuma, the Masck of Ultimate Doom.

Hmmm, maybe.

Thought about it, actually. A little late for that though.

Dude, that's perfect, I love it.

Thanks guys.
Also, additional pics will be added if they haven't been already.

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Huh,pretty cool

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how did you do that?

Cardboard and glue.

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