Vraal (Deltora quest)

an old drawing…
(I did the book version cause I hate the cartoon one.)


i don’t know what this is but i like it


Pretty cool, the orange tone really adds to it.


Man this brings back memories, I used to try and draw this over and oaver and over but I never got it quite right, this was when I like 6. I’m not sure what is was but I just really loved this creature.
And I really like this piece of art!


Oh! I remember that book!

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Deltora Quest was cool yo. Oh, and the drawing’s nifty, too.


This looks really cool. I don’t remember this exact creature from the books but still reminds me of the style the books had. You mentioned a cartoon, is there like an actual cartoon? ( I only remember the books.)

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yea a Japanese cartoon, I hate it, it was for kids I guess, but they still could have tried to give the same feel as the books.

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This looks amazing and bring back so many memories… it really looks like something i would have imagined while reading those books. Good job man

thank you!