Vrah bohů

Vrah bohů is the main villain of my story. the rahkshi of greed as some call him, although he is a rahkshi of darkness. Throughout his earlier years he always sleeked power over others and wealth. Later on in his life he found himself as a leader of a clan. Growing to be a powerful political figure and a very wealthy man. But of course with wealth and power comes attention, whether its wanted or not. Vrah bohů was finally given the opportunity of having full power over people as promised to him by a mysterious figure. Rather unexpectedly to the inhabitants of his island, he send out his soldiers to take over the koros and they did with ease. Now growing in power and strength there are only few who can defeat him.

I quickly made his little rahi “dog” I was really inspired by this photo so I gave him a pet

The best offense is paying others to do it for you

Judge not on appearance true power comes from within.
C&c is appreciated


I think the piraka feet are a little too big for this moc and the legs arn’t really the best either, however the arms and the torso!

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The way you pulled off the Rahkshi spine is cool. The torso looks a bit weird from the front (mostly due to coloring) but good from most other angles.
Decreasing the foot size and maybe making the cane less dominant could help. The silver also isn’t that nice to look at, though that’s the color’s fault. Something more aggressive might be better. Like pearl silver :stuck_out_tongue:.

The dog is nice too. I like how rough he looks.

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He needs to be hitched over more for the spine to work, his head just looks like a black triangle with a vaguely snakelike face. The torso honestly looks better without the CCBS armor, though the right arm design is phenomenal.

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