Vuhii, Toa of Sonics

So I did a thing.

Credit for the torso design goes to the amazingly talented and brilliant @Nyran.

I really like this MOC. I may sound like a tool for saying that, but I really like it. Tell me what you guys think!


I'd be very interested in learning how you added the eye-piece.
Also could use some armour bits on the chest.


nice job man. it really looks good.
@Risebell I think it was added using the axlehole on the side of the Metru head


That only works for the Toa Phantoka/Mistika eyestocks, which this MOC does not have. I know this because the eyestock's I previously mentioned never came in light blue.

I'm using that axlehole right now on a MoC for a similar purpose with a Metru eyestalk

Oh, now I get it. You use a longer axle than usual. Neat little MOCing trick.

Toa of Sonics...?

..I guess I'm not alone after all in this cruel world..


I agree with Rise, the chest could use some armor. Otherwise, it's pretty great.


I like the way he did the chest. It kind of has that simple robot aesthetic that the toa Mata had, not too flashy


More armor, like everyone else, mainly on the chest and (fore)arms. Other then that completely nice

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Nice, the top part of his body doesn't really match the waste, but I saw other pics of the progress.

I love this
This is such and improvement from your last version
Torso is a little plain at the top, I suggest adding a bit of armour, like risball said
also. for the lower arms, add longer pieces of that piece, and for the connecting glatorian neck (lower arm) add tires
same with the upper arm one
Also, you dont mind taking a few shots from the back, and the lower legs?

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Sure thing! I'll also upload the updated shot of the front. I fixed the gappiness of the upper arms and added chest armor.

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sweet, looking forward to seeing it!

As you can see, I've added Chest Armor and fixed the gappiness in the upper arms.


You forgot to mention how you shortened the torso by one peg.

Oh right. I did that as well.

Very interesting look, not bad by any means though.

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His torso looks a bit clunky, and a better piece of torso armor and better shoulder armor would look better.

Take this, for example:

Looks great!

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