Vulca, Deity of Fire (PoF + Ikir combo)

On the island of Okoto, there are six beings with immense power. Though they each have differing origins, they are considered to be united by their strength. This is but one of them.

#Vulca, Deity of Fire

Vulca was just a regular Okotan living in the Region of Fire. One day, as he was making his daily trek to the Shrine of Fire, he fell into a sacred pool of lava. Rather than being melted, he was transformed into a mystical being. Half of him was now bestial, with a wing and claws. The other half was robotic, with pistons and a flamethrower.

Been sitting on this MOC for…over a year now? It’s been a while. It went through a lot of changes, especially with the head. I eventually settled on using the standard head rather than attempt something more interesting. CC is welcomed, as always.


hand on the back looks kinda odd, other than that, I think it looks pretty okay

I always like the half transparent half metallic things


Did this lava happen to be a energized silvery liquid called protodermis?

Anyways, the mocs is a pretty nice combiner. The claw hand looks a bit off tho.


The split color scheme works pretty well here, except in the torso area, but as a combiner I understand the limited part availability. Overall very nice.



this is certainly



Kool dood. Looks like something Energized Protodermis would spit out.

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Pretty good combiner!
I’ve played with the idea of putting the Creatures and Protectors together, but you’ve done a much better job of it here. Looks really nice!

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I like the big arm, but the gold bits and the back hand are a bit distracting.

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Yo guys, I’ve now got instructions for this!