Vulkahn: Lord of Fire

You’re making me blush!


This leaves me speechless.

Perfection absolute perfection.

:open_mouth: Holy cow this is awesome!

This is insane. I love them both, but the golden version really strikes me because of the addition of the 3rd color. It makes the design really pop off the screen. Your photog skills are elite as well. True masterpiece right here.

he kinda reminds me of Aku with the flames

I think i will ‘revamp’ him this weekend

The only problem I have with it (along with the majority of your MOCs) is the length of the torso. Aside from that I really like him :stuck_out_tongue: , especially how the bright red (flames) look on him

I like the golden version more, but I think the lower torso is a little bit to skinny, but overall it looks awesome, nice job

Not sure how I feel about the length of that torso…

Saw this guy over on Flickr. Beautiful build, one of your best.

I got to say this looks freaking great!
Lookin’ very stylish.

One of the best fire-based mocs I’ve ever seen. The silhouette of both versions is gorgeous, I especially like the Golden version as it reminds me of God Serena from Fairy Tail.

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I remember this guy! Looks as awesome as ever! certainly one of your best MOCs!

The torso seems a bit skinny, but the rest of the MOC is so awesome that I really don’t care. It has a solid and cool (though not unique) color scheme, that mask works well, and the fire/sword circles on his back are to die for. 9/10, easy.

An amazing MOC! In the first form, it looks very bulky and powerful, and in the second form It’s very grand, looking like a samurai.

The long torso bugs me a bit, but otherwise this looks amazing!


Wow… some how you manage to get a bright colorful lokk mixed with a shadowy one, make that look good, and actually cover up the MOC pretty decently.