Vulpes, Aerolithic Wanderer

Though My username features the title “Toa” the current iteration of my self moc, Vulpes, is not a Toa. Rather, Vulpes is simply a bender of the Earth and Air elements. I apologize in advance for the poor image quality, but I really just want to document this self moc before I get rid of him, or forget. Now that I think about it, the real reason I’m posting this moc here is to ‘show off’ my recreation of two weapons from the Bionicle G2 “Art of Bionicle” book, specifically from the “Villain 1” penal, as these weapons were discussed briefly on the TTV Podcast.


That dreamcatcher is legit.

As for the MOC, I think some of the colors are a bit too jumbled. You have tan, dark bley(grey), lt. bley, the old/dark gold, trans lime, trans green, gunmetal, dark green, brown, silver, yellow, black… basically too many. :stuck_out_tongue: I would recommend trying to cut down on the various shades; so remove all the trans green and only use trans lime, cut out gunmetal or silver and leave the other, etc.

The only other major issue is that the shoulders are a kinda large and awkward.

Anyway, this MOC has great potential, it just needs smoothed out. :slight_smile:

That Zamor launcher and dream catcher are fantastic


whooooooaaaaa cooooooolll

The MOC itself is really good, but could benefit from a more consistent color scheme (especially in the torso area), but the weapons are absolutely amazing.

He reminds me of these guys.

The yellow could be discarded and the tan better distributed, but the dreamcatcher’s design is very creative.