W.I.P. Prototype E7 MOC

I am a new member, so hope you guys enjoy my first bionicle moc. It’s called the prototype E.7


Why bro

OK, this moc is weak and coloured.
There are just too many colours clashing into each other. To be honest, I would understand if the rider and the vehicle would have different colours and I would even encourage this, but in this case… So, the vehicle is red, white, black, lime green, trans green, dark grey, orange, gold and light grey. The rider is black, yellow and gun metal. Too many colours for a single moc. There are also a loooooooooot of pins sticking out in every direction possible, with no reason whatsoever.
This thing is also very poorly assembled and it looks like it constantly wants to fell apart. I am also pretty sure that those green spring-loaded shooters can’t be shot, hitting into the front of the vehicle. There are also, I think, a lot of quick-fire missiles put there in random places just to give this thing more fire power, but I am pretty sure some of them can’t be shot. The rider is just a regular CCBS with a… armour shell instead of head (why?) and some open ball joints.
But what exactly should this thing be? What is this thing made for? Does it have an actual purpose? Who is the rider? Who is the rider? Etc.
And also, the fact that you made only one photo that shows your living room more than the actual moc doesn’t help.


This looks really odd. The ship itself has a mess of colours, and in general, just looks bad, especially the flat chassis and sticking out rods. The rider isn’t much better, but he is an improvement over the lacklustre vehicle. His colour scheme is fine, but why is his head a yellow armour shell?

The structure of it all looks incredibly flimsy and weak, the out-of-place spring-loaded-shooters are clearly added for more firepower. The pilot is only hanging on by the technic assembly at the back.



It looks like the first day’s work of a WIP. Needs to be fleshed out more by having a chassis that includes those four cylinders on the front.


I would do a complete rundown but I think @Toa_Vladin got it right. To add on to that though, I can’t see where you’d add on to this vehicle, will it look like the toa vehicles? will it be different? will it have armour?

And the point of the spring missiles is a good one, they won’t be very fireable if their’s armour. I think you should spend a lot more time on this moc.

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