W.I.P Titan legs (I need help with making the rest) DO NOT CRITIUQE

I’ve been stuck on this for months, and i’m having problems finding the right torso, arms and head for this MOC

What’s rough is the pressure to make something better than my samurai but that was all in my head, you guys probably don’t expect that much.

going for a dragon theme.


from what i can see, it looks good!
maybe upload more pictures?


I’d like a bit more pictures

@Rukah @Heyzorks updated

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Looks good for a leg design, but the feet could use a little bulking up

The lower parts look good, but the upper parts are not great. I would recommend making them more substantial to really make this moc a titan.

how can I do that?
it’s just the standard HF feet

  • Nobody that has commented has suggested a torso design like I asked for.
    I didn’t ask for help on the legs you missed the whole point of my post, I was asking for torso and arms because I got no idea how to make it.
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