W.I.P. Toa Moc

So for the fan made story I am currently writing I built one of the main characters. I have not yet come up with a name for him, but he is supposed to be the leader of the story’s Toa team.

Most of the parts you see in light grey will be replaced with black as well as dark grey and blue.

I apologize for the poor lighting.

It is to be noted that he will be getting a custom made cape.

This is actually the first time I have ever built a gun out of technic/Bionicle parts.

Again, I apologize for the lighting quality and please keep in mind that this is not the final model.


He’s what toa Nuparu should have looked like.


Looks pretty solid. I like what you did with those wheel pieces, they really add to the MOC


Thanks, I was going for the idea that they were supposed to be a defined point of articulation.

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[quote=“Sciencegiraffe, post:2, topic:18475, full:true”]
He’s what toa Nuparu should have looked like.

Even for a WIP, this looks really good. The first thing that stood out to me was that the arms are a bit too long compared to the rest of the body.

Otherwise it’s looking good. The colors, the build, the weapon, all great! :thumbsup:


The lighting makes it a bit difficult to pick out all the black details, but this is a pretty solid MOC. The blockiness in the arms and legs clashes with the CCBS shells and thin torso though. I’m not a big fan of BIONICLE guns, but I do like that lancer-style chainsaw. Good job!

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I like this! Looks really nice and solid! My only complaint are the proportions, but I do find they have that certain appeal that the older sets did with the longer arms.


Hmm…can he roll out with those wheels?

Interestingly groovy MOC you have here my man.



MOCs don’t need capes to look good. In my opinion a MOC with a cape is actually worse than one without.

So, anyway, this MOC is great… I really like the torso. :smile:



The idea with the cape is that it wouldn’t be something that he would be wearing all the time. His entire Toa team will each have a hooded cape that they wear when they are around other Matoran in order to not attract attention. Think of it as the cloak that Jedi wear.


Well, as long as you make it work. :smile:


Looks pretty neat!

His arms need shortening or his legs need lengthening. Besides that, I love it.

Groovy MOC man can’t wait to see where this goes.

Am I the only one here that likes long arms and short legs.

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Well good to know.

Any way I really like the chainsaw gun thing.


Just for fun…


Holy chainsaw guns Batman!!!