Wander, Toa with no name

I have a story for this guy, but you’ll have to wait a bit for it. I’m in the middle of rewriting the character, but i’ll keep you guys updated. You can view the full gallery on my Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/144949303@N02/albums/72157668330452274

This guy started out with just the shoulders. The idea was to make a MOC with a defined Trapezius, and those Metru Matoran feet looked like the perfect piece. After I had everything finished, something seemed missing, so I added the torn cape and chains for a more battle hardened and solemn appearance. Originally he was intended to be some kind of dark, vengeful spirit, but I like the new version better (even if it is a little sparse and corny). Thanks to some great photography and photoshop by www.bowilliamsphotography.com, I think he’s finally come to life.


It’s pretty good! The torso is just a little gappy.


The defined trapezius works, but the shoulder pads are so low on the arms they don’t look like armour. They really should be a stud higher.


Simple, but nice. I like it.

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i really want to know his name…

That’s neat, you made the Hau Nuva look cool :stuck_out_tongue:

@Morgy I hear that. I was going more for the shape than the build, but I have been wanting to fill it in a bit. Will do.

@Gringat Truth be told i’ve never been crazy about the arms. They don’t bend very far at the elbow. I’ll look into the shoulders, but its hard with the Knights Kingdom armor that I have.

@MysteryMuffin Thanks. Simplicity was key here.

@Ace Someday…

@Leoxander I’d try to make the Mistika KauKau looks cool, but idk if anyone could lol

A little sloppily designed in some areas, especially the arms and posterior. The torso has quite a bit of potential though.

Nice use of the ugliest Hau!